What to Bring

Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will receive a welcome packet from your session director. The packet will include forms, contact information,  training dates & locations. New staff will receive the Staff Manual & Home Study which should be completed before attending Module II.

The list below summarizes the items that past experience has shown to be helpful at training. Please contact your session director to confirm the items that they want you to bring to training.

For all Sessions 

Module II  (all sessions)

  • Confirmation of  current Girl Scout membership and electronic background check approved volunteer status
  • Proof of completion of Girl Scouting 101 (new volunteers)
  • Home Study I (new volunteers)
  • Adult health form, personal skills survey
  • Optional: Bag dinner

Module III at Twin Canyon

Mess kit (plate, bowl, cup and utensils) in a mesh dunk bag

Any of the day time training dates

  • Notebook, pen/pencil and tape recorder (optional)
  • Warm jacket, hat, sturdy shoes and layered clothing
  • Sit-upon or old towel
  • A coffee cup
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • A chair (optional)