On-Line Registration

Welcome to online registration for Diablo Day Camp!

On-Line registration is CLOSED.

You may still create an online account so that you receive emails for next year.


Before you register, PLEASE READ the registration instructions and then click on the link at the bottom of the page.

The Day Camp Staff is 100% volunteer. We are always looking for enthusiastic adults who like working with children, are willing to learn and love to play too! We provide training and mentoring through your week of camp. Our volunteers get to bring their tags (potty trained pre-schoolers) and sons (boys thru 5th grade).  And, our volunteers receive tuition discount for their elves/campers.

Volunteering at Diablo Day Camp is a family affair!  We welcome parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, adult siblings and other familial relations. Learn more about volunteering.

HOW TO REGISTER: We are using RegPack as our on-line registration system.  We streamlined registration to make the process as simple as possible.  Please read through these instructions before you get started so you know what to expect. We try to make improvements each year, so please read these instructions anew.

New in 2024: In order to empower our Elves, and help our multi-volunteer families, we have added the ability for your elf and/or volunteer to log in separately and complete their own information forms. This includes signing a girl scout volunteer agreement. These emails must be unique to the system — you can’t just include the family contact email a second time.

Information on RegPak Security

NEW to RegPack? — Create a family account and camper profiles prior to registration. Click on the Green Register button (upper right hand corner of the landing page) to create a new account.

Returning to RegPack? Click on the Blue Login Button (upper right hand corner of the landing page) to sign into your account to review and update your forms.

Forgot your Login Email – Please email RegPack@diablodaycamp.org – we can look it up for you.

Forget your password – click on the “forgot password” button.  We have been notified that this button is not working on all browsers.  If you get caught in a “forgot your password loop”, try a different browser or contact RegPack@diablodaycamp.org.  We can reset it for you.

What is a Family Account? A Family Account is the information we need to contact you as a family.  And, other information that applies to the whole family. All persons attending Diablo Day Camp must create a a Family Account

What is a Camper Profile? A Camper Profile is individual information for each person attending camp — volunteer, elf, camper, boy and tag. Regpack now allows each participant to log in separately to complete their own information with a unique email address.

Camper not attending this year? There is a button that lets you maintain the camper profile but not register the camper this year. Just click on the “Not attending this year” button.

Registering extended family members?  DO NOT register your friends, grandchildren and niblings under your family account. The forms must be signed by a parent/guardian.  The extended family member creates their own family account and creates camper profiles for their children. During creation of the family account, they will be asked to identify the volunteer they are associated with. Remember, if you drop as a volunteer, each family member connected to your account will be dropped.

Registering a friend or troop member? Please don’t. You do not have the legal authority to sign the forms on behalf of the parent. Nor, do you have the knowledge to complete the health forms.

How to register for DDC 2024 

Family Account. Include contact information for the primary contact for your family. A secondary contact may also receive updated camper information.

Legal Disclaimers. Please review our Privacy Policy, Covid Plan and other financial, safety and camp policies before moving forward.

Photo Release. This applies to all members of your family.

Carpool Interest. Carpools reduce traffic on Springhill Road, allow drop off/pick up run more smoothly, and generally helps the environment. Let us know if you need help finding a carpool.

Volunteering. This is where you let us know if you are volunteering, if your family is coming with a relative, or if you are a Training Elf (Elves who are invited to assist with Elf Training).

When Do I register for a Session? You can pre-register now! Review and complete all forms prior to selection a session when you become eligible. Click here for eligibility dates.

When its your turn to register:

  • You may only select ONE SESSION PER CAMPER;
  • Not all members of the family need to select the same session.
  • If the sessions are full; select Waitlist. You can be waitlisted for more than one session but please, only include the sessions that you can attend.
  • If the age level is full, consider volunteering. You will open up spaces for you and other campers as well!
  • You have 48 hours to make your payment once placed. If your payment is not received in that time, your spot will be given to the next camper on the waitlist.

PaymentYou must process payment within 30 minutes of registration or your cart will automatically be cleared.  Once you are ready to pay, you are welcome to put any open session back into your cart and process your payment. If you are pulled from the waitlist and placed into a session, you have 48 hours to process your payment after receipt of confirmation of your placement.


You can pay by credit card or e-Check.  If you use e-Check, it will take 5-7 days to complete the payment.  Your RegPack account will tell you that you need to pay until the payment is processed.  Please ignore those instructions and be patient.  You will not lose your place at camp during this process.

You may also request financial aid.  Please review our financial aid policy before you begin your registration process.

If you prefer to pay using another method, please register for camp, skip the payment step and contact our treasurer (treasurer@diablodaycamp.org).  Your spot in camp will be held pending receipt of your payment so long as payment is mailed within 2 days of your registration.

Volunteer Discount Code.  If you are volunteering, the Volunteer Discount Code will be displayed beneath the short answer question requesting the code.  Please type the code exactly as provided for each camper/elf you register when requested, it is case sensitive.  No discount is provided to Tags and Boys, those rates are already discounted.  If the discount is not applied, do not process your payment and contact RegPack@diablodaycamp.org.  We will fix it for you. You will not lose your place at camp.

Your registration at Diablo Day Camp is now done!

What’s Next:

  • You will receive a welcome email from our Administrator confirming that you are placed into camp
  • On April 1, you will receive a welcome email from your Session Directors welcoming you into their session.
  • 2-4 weeks prior to camp, you will received a welcome email from your Unit Leader.

Contact the Diablo Day Camp Registrar: registrar@diablodaycamp.org