Welcome to Diablo Day Camp

When registration opened on Saturday, Feb 18th, we registered over 800 campers in 5 minutes filling both our sessions and our waitlists.  Since Saturday, we have registered additional volunteers and placed an additional 200 campers.  We have now maxed out the site capacity for many of our sessions.  There is still room for volunteers (and additional campers if we get the volunteers!) in the following sessions:

  • Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon (June 19-23)
  • Twin Canyon in Lafayette, Session 6 (July 10-14)
  • Twin Canyon in Lafayette, Session 8 (July 24-28)

Can I volunteer?

Please review our volunteer training requirements before you ask to volunteer.  If you do not meet these requirements, or drop for any reason, your family is also dropped from camp.

If you can volunteer, you and your family will be placed in the open session.   Please email Registrar@diablodaycamp.org if you are interested in volunteering.

What can you do?

Please log into your account and check for accuracy.  Make sure your elf/camper is registered in the right level and, if you were lucky enough to secure a spot, the right session.  Email RegPack@diablodaycamp.org with any necessary changes.  Please include: “Registration Errors” in the subject line.

Please complete your registration forms!  Many of you were unable to register because your registration forms are incomplete.  You can now log back into your account to complete your registration forms.

What happens when my elf/camper is on the wait list?

When there is an opening in a session, we will place the next available camper into that session. You will receive an email that your “Registration is accepted”. Please check for that email. We give you 48 hours to process your payment. Otherwise, we assume you are not interested in attending camp. We remove you from the session and put you back on the wait list.

Can I add my elf/camper to the wait list?

We opened more spots on the wait list, so you can put your elf/camper on the wait list.  We also opened a wait list for the Little Hills campus.   There is absolutely no way we will clear all of these wait lists.  Since we have such a high demand, please limit your wait list options to no more than two.

I am not getting emails from DDC.

If you created a RegPack DDC Registration account and are not getting system emails, please (1) check to make sure your email address is typed correctly!; (2) check your spam folder; (3) check our website for updates; (4) check your RegPack DDC Registration account.

We thank you for your patience and your love of DDC!

Your DDC Registration Team

Dear Diablo Day Camp Community,

The executive committee of Diablo Day Camp has reluctantly canceled Twin Canyon Sessions 5 and 7 for summer 2023. 

DDC has been dependent on its volunteers since its founding, both for the quality and longevity of our camp program. For 50+ years, DDC offered 6-8 weeks of day camp in Lafayette and added a week in San Ramon starting in 2002.  For the first time in DDC history, there were not enough adult volunteers for 2 sessions planned in Lafayette to operate the camp safely and effectively.  While we know that the campers will be disappointed, it is in their best interest and that of the volunteers to cancel Session 5 and Session 7 for Summer 2023.

Yours in Scouting,

DDC Executive Committee

Palatino, Magpie, Koala & Cracker Jack

Volunteers Still Needed!

We are in great shape with volunteers for our June sessions. Unfortunately, being a 100% volunteer-run camp, we need many more volunteers for our July sessions. When a familial adult/guardian registers, everyone in the family gets priority registration. Volunteer registration is open NOW!

Our Volunteers:

  • Register early and get guaranteed acceptance.
  • Save $60 per camper & $40 per Elf.
  • Receive sibling supervision: Only $70 for K-5th grade sons & $40 for potty-trained preschoolers (3 years thru TK). 
  • Enjoy a week of summer vacation away from work, creating family memories, and making your own new camp friends.
  • Feel rewarded giving to your community. You are why our camp is inexpensive and you help more campers attend camp. 1 volunteer = 6 campers/elves.
  • Get free training. Required for everyone’s safety.  Training requirements.  
  • FYI: If you register as a volunteer, and then fail to complete your training or drop from camp, all family members will also be dropped from camp. 

Online registration 

We will continue to use RegPack for online registration. Register for camp with ease and peace of mind. At registration, you will know right away if your preferred week is available and if not, you can choose another available week. You can create a RegPack account and individual profiles for all participants at any time. We encourage you create your new account, or check your existing account, before you register. That way, you’ll be all set when registration actually opens.

NEW! A camp availability page. Quotas will change in real time. The number of spots available is dependent on the number of volunteers who sign up as well as site limits set by GSNorCal.

NEW! Health forms MUST be completed BEFORE you will be allowed to register.

If you are new to RegPack, take time to create a family account and a profile for each person you will register. Be sure to complete the health form. This will be required before you can sign up for any session. 

If you already have a RegPack account, you will need to review, update and verify health information for each participant before you can register them. Do this ahead of time!

ONE RegPack account per family

Please only create ONE RegPack account for your entire immediate family. You cannot register a friend. If you create more than one account, more than one profile for a single individual, or register your camper for more than one session using different email addresses, all of your reservations will be canceled. If this happens, we will notify you so that you can log on again and make a correct reservation if space is still available in your preferred session.

Diablo Day Camp Registration

NEW! No Refunds.

The DDC Committee has changed the refund policy to NO REFUNDS except in extreme circumstances. Please check your calendar before you sign up and verify your availability. DDC Refund Policy

Limited Elf spots

We anticipate that most elf spots, especially new elf openings, will be filled by elves attending with volunteers. If you have a child who aspires to be an elf at camp, please consider volunteering. DDC Elf Program.

DDC Policies

We can’t wait to see you at camp!


Palatino / Lynn Sanford

Diablo Day Camp Administrator