Registration for 2023 Diablo Day Camp will open as follows:

  • Starting January 4 (12 noon):
    • Directors and their families.
  • Starting January 11 (12 noon):
    • Third year (and up) volunteers and their families.
    • Graduated Elves Returning as Adults and their families
    • Training Elves (by invitation only)
  • Starting January 25 (12 noon):
    • New and Second year volunteers and their families.
  • Starting Saturday, February 18 (7:00 am):
    • Open Registration

We are limited in elf and camper capacity by the number of volunteers we have. If you or a family member can volunteer, not only will your family get into camp but you will open the door for additional campers. If you are planning to volunteer, bring a friend. As you know, camp is fun, not only for the campers, but for the staff too!

Click here to understand the commitments our volunteers make.