Registration for Diablo Cay Camp  will be conducted on-line for the 2022 summer sessions. When registration opens, there will be a link to our on-line registration portal. The portal will ask you to create a family account. This account provides us with all the family contact information for everyone in your family attending camp. Once you have created your account, you can begin registering.  Accounts created in 2021 will be imported into 2022.  Please review to make sure we have the most up to date information!

Create your family account now!  You can create your family account before registration opens.  Camper profiles are added when registration opens.

Read on for more information on who can attend camp and how they register.

Our camp is run by volunteers.

  • One adult volunteer is required for every 6 children (campers and elves).
  • No experience is necessary: All interested adults (> age of 18) are encouraged to apply.
  • Free training is provided — and required. Please click on the volunteer tab for a full description of expectations.
  • Campers and elves of adult volunteers are given priority into camp and receive a reduction in fees.
  • Volunteers can register Tags and Boys for camp.
  • Elves are currently in grades 7 – 12.
  • Campers are currently in grades k – 8.
  • Boys are currently in grades k – 5.
  • Tags are currently pre-K and potty trained (3-5 years old).
  • All Campers and Elves are limited to 1 session per summer.

Registration Fees:

  • Campers (Grades K-8):  $125
  • Elves (Grades 7-12): $90

Volunteering? — You get reduced fees

  • Campers with Volunteers:  $90
  • Elves with Volunteers:  $60
  • Boys with Volunteers: $60
  • Tags with Volunteers: $60
Federal Tax ID No.  94-1551410
For questions regarding camp registration at Diablo Day Camp,
don’t hesitate to contact: