Little Hills Ranch

Little Hills Ranch is adjacent to the Las Trampas regional park. It provides a spacious setting for group activities. There are paved walks over most of the site, and wooded hiking trails as well. The camper units are under trees with picnic tables and shared water access. The nearby restrooms are flush facilities. There is a large grassy meadow which can host several activities at once and a large inground swimming pool.

Unlike Twin Canyon, the camper program at Little Hills Ranch does not focus on cooking activities, but instead on exploring a variety of group activities. Activities are planned by the volunteer staff in that program unit. Camper units travel from one planned program activity to another experiencing a wide variety of age-appropriate games & crafts.

There are no cooking facilities to allow the units to prepare their own lunch so all campers and staff need to bring a bag lunch daily.

Typical Day

9:00Sing songs in assembly area with Elves
9:15Flag up ceremony
9:30Unit – Take attendance, put on nametags
10:00First activity
1045Second activity – swimming
11:30Lunch in unit area
12:15Third activity – sports (e.g. volleyball)
1:00Fouth activity – unit time (e.g. name game
1:45Fifth activity – nature hike
2:30Unit activity – snack and pack up backpacks
3:00Closing assembly – Sing songs with Elves
3:15Flag down ceremony
3:30Dismissal. Wait for car-pool at parking lot