General Information

Diablo Day Camp offers week long programs at two locations: Twin Canyon Girl Scout Camp in Lafayette and Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon.

Both camps embrace the same mission and provide the same basic program. Both camps are 100% staffed by terrific volunteers (except for the paid, certified lifeguard staff at the swimming pool). All the sessions offer swimming and archery. Depending on the session theme, program units in badges, crafts, nature study, games, sports, dance, or music may also be offered.

There are some differences between the camps due to the unique characteristics of each site. The program at Twin Canyon includes lunch while teaching outdoor cooking skills, teamwork, and self reliance.  The program at Little Hills Ranch focuses on providing opportunities for collaborative group activities.

Campers in each session are divided into units based on the camper’s age and/or grade in school. There are usually 12-18 campers assigned to a unit by the Session Directors, along with 2-3 Elves and 2-3 adult staff. Over the course of the session, the unit grows together as a team by eating together and participating in program activities together. To give every camper the same experience, adult volunteers are not placed in the same unit as their camper (exceptions may be made in the Tag and Boy units).

In addition to Daisy, Brownie, and Junior units, there may be a special unit for Cadettes, based on enrollment for that specific session. There is a preschool “Tag” unit for the 3 to 5 year old, potty trained, children of adult volunteers. There is also a Boy unit for the sons of adult volunteers (boys must be currently enrolled in K through 5th grade as of March 1st).

Each unit is represented by a color and theme-related banner created by the unit staff and elves to identify the unit. The unit leaders display the banner in the assembly area  every morning to help campers find their unit. Throughout the rest of the week, units display their banner when they travel to different areas in camp. Wearing a t-shirt, hat, or bandana in the unit color is not required but helps unit members to find one another (especially on the first day) and builds unit pride.

Health & Safety

All of our campers have the opportunity to cook and may come into contact with many different types of food while at Diablo Day Camp.   The camper health form will ask you to list all food allergies and other dietary information so that we may accommodate your camper as best we can.  You may be contacted by your Session Director and/or Unit Leader to work with you to come up with accommodations that will make for a successful time at camp.

Diablo Day Camp welcomes girls of all abilities and needs; however, we  are limited in the medical support we can provide to campers. If you or your camper have special needs and can function with a 1:10 adult to camper ratio in a rural environment, please contact our Camp Administrator to discuss what accommodations can be made for a successful time at camp.

Our first priority is your camper’s safety, so please, even if your camper has attended camp before, complete the camper health form accurately and completely.