Sensible Precautions in the Outdoors

Diablo Day Camp is held at two outdoor sites – Camp Twin Canyon in Lafayette and Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon.  Both sites are a rustic environment, adjacent to East Bay Regional Parks. Both sites provide a mixture of shade and sunny locations. Sun protection measures such a wearing sunscreen and a hat are strongly encouraged.

At our camps, it is very common to see a variety of animals such as turkeys, deer, raptors, songbirds, gophers.  It is also possible to encounter bees, mosquitoes, ticks, coyotes, snakes and mice.

You can do your part to minimize your risk with encountering critters before you even arrive at camp. Wear appropriate clothing such as socks, close-toed shoes and long pants when possible. Apply insect repellent (after applying sunscreen) and become educated about potential diseases that may result from insect bites.

To learn more about:

1)  diseases that may be encountered through participating in outdoor activities visit the CA Dept of Public Health, click here:

2)  tick bites and how to prevent ticks from biting, click here:

3)  mosquito borne disease, click here:

4)  insect repellents, click here: