Welcome to Diablo Day Camp

May 18, 2020

Dear Diablo Day Camp Families,

Our top priority — always — is the health and safety of our girls, families, volunteers and staff. That is why the Diablo Day Camp committee unanimously voted to cancel all sessions of day camp for summer 2020 for both locations: Camp Twin Canyon in Lafayette and Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon. The decision was not an easy one. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, committee members have been working to determine if there is any possible way to safely offer camp under the current restrictions and unknown future guidelines. Given the nature of this disease, and what is required to keep people safe, we do not believe there is a way to hold camp safely this summer. We know that this will be as disappointing for you and your camper as it is for all of us. We also know it’s the right thing to do to keep everyone safe and well.

We will begin to process full refunds to all paid participants for all Diablo Day Camp sessions as soon as we can. Please remember, we are all volunteers and many of us are essential workers and/or are working from home while juggling homeschooling our own children and our other family obligations.

  • You do not need to request any of these refunds, they will happen automatically.
  • All payments will be returned to the person who sent the original payment.
  • Please cash or deposit your refund check as soon as you receive it. 
  • The DDC committee voted to issue commemorative stickers instead of producing patches this year. One sticker/participant will be mailed with refunds.
  • Please understand this may take us a while to complete all refunds. If you have any questions please reach out to administrator@diablodaycamp.org
  • If you wish to donate your camp fees to Diablo Day Camp, there will be instructions included with your check. Please know that Diablo Day Camp is financially sound and not in desperate need, but we always welcome support from our community.

About Diablo Day Camp elves for 2020:

2020 New Elves

  1. New Elves can earn their shirt and new elf patch by completing their Virtual New Elf training modules before the end of July. New elves will receive an email from the head Elf Trainers with details by June 15, 2020.
  2. 2020 New Elves will keep their names, but if they do not return in 2021, the name goes back up for grabs.
  3. In 2021, the “2020 New Elves” will be required to do an additional 4 hours of training at DDC on the morning of 2021 Returning Elf training day.

2020 Returning Elves  

  1. Returning elves will receive new level shirts as if 2020 camp has happened. Details will be sent via email from your session directors.
  2. Current 12th graders are welcome to return as adult volunteers in 2021.

About Diablo Day Camp adults for 2020:

Thank you! We appreciate all our volunteers and their willingness to attend required training and spend a week at camp with us. We hope everyone will consider registering again in summer 2021. Camp is more fun with friends, so recruit another volunteer to join you next year.

2020 New volunteers

  1. If you were a new volunteer for 2020, you will still be considered a new volunteer in 2021.
  2. New 2020 volunteers who completed the Module I training can have that count in 2021 as long as they can provide proof of the GSNorCal online classes and they take a refresher Module I home study test.

2020 Returning volunteers 

  1. For all volunteers, it will be as if 2020 camp never happened, so your history and years at camp will remain the same as before.

We are still exploring options for virtual day camp experiences, so our girls can still sing and laugh together while remaining safely sheltered at home. We’ll share more information on that when, and if, we are able to offer virtual day camp. We also remain optimistic that we will be able to return to camp next year, and hope you may be able to join us in 2021.

This is a tough time for all of us. Girl Scouts are strong and resilient and our day camp tradition is long and strong. Diablo Day Camp is made up of incredible girls, supportive families and passionate volunteers – and we WILL come through all of this. As soon as it is safe to offer an outdoor day camp experience to everyone, we will be thrilled to offer it.

If your camper is struggling with the news of her summer camp cancellation, I’m providing a link to the GSNorCal resource: Tips for Navigating COVID-19 Summer Camp Cancellations:


All in-person council, service unit, troop, and Cookie Program events are cancelled through June 1 at this time. You can find the latest updates at norcal.gs/COVID-19.

We on the DDC committee are deeply appreciative to all of you currently sheltering in-place to help keep our communities safe. Our thoughts are with everyone whose lives and livelihoods are being disrupted during this unprecedented time. We’re proud to be a part of this community.


Palatino, Diablo Day Camp Administrator