Twin Canyon

Twin Canyon is a Y shaped canyon nestled in the hills surrounding Lafayette. Minutes from the freeway, you feel miles away from it all!  The site is rustic, no paved trails or walkways, but does have flush toilets and an inground swimming pool. The canyon arms are lined with oak and bay trees which provide shade to the units below. Each unit has a cement barbeque, picnic tables, storage locker and potable water spigot.

It’s cool and quiet under the trees, except for birds, and the singing and laughter of excited campers. At the center of camp is an open area for assembling the group, flag ceremonies, and the supply center, the Hive and swimming pool.

The cornerstone of the program at Camp Twin Canyon is outdoor cooking. Campers cook their own lunch over a charcoal fire most days of camp. Why does a cake you’ve baked yourself, in a box oven, taste better? It just does! Besides cooking, campers typically go to two program units for crafts, nature study, archery or games, plus swimming daily. Some sessions will plan a special wrap up program for Friday.

Typical Day

9:00 Sing songs in assembly area with Elves
9:15 Flag up ceremony
9:30 Unit – Take attendance, put on nametags
9:45 Camp program – Games, crafts, nature and archery
10:30 Swim
11:15 Start fire for lunch. Prepare and cook lunch
12:30 Eat lunch
1:00 Clean up unit. Wash dishes
1:30 Snow cones at the hive
1:45 Unit activity – crafts, play games or hike
2:15 Camp program – Games, crafts, nature and archery
3:00 Closing assembly – Sing songs with Elves
3:15 Flag down ceremony
3:30 Dismissal.